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Choice Talents NG is Nigeria’s preferred recruiter, trainer, business consultant, business and employee performance manager, for all category of businesses (small, medium, large, multi-nationals and corporations). Our goal is to help build successful businesses through effective talent, resource and process management.

Why Train Your Employees:

* Familiarity with processes downplays drive, innovation, and ultimately, business growth process. This, and more, are reasons why employers who continuously train their employees get the best results delivered.

Training Purpose:

* To upscale employee performance, create awareness, improve productivity, provide adequate motivation, skill and knowledge to deliver on set targets.

Types of Trainings Offered: includes, but not limited to:

* Operations and Administration (Office, field and business operations/administration, etc.)

* Skills Acquisition (Customer service, Customer retention, Sales, Marketing, etc.)

* Process Improvement (Customer fulfillment, Turn-around time, HSE, etc.)

* New Policy (Workplace Ethics, Workplace culture, Workplace Insubordination, etc.)

* Change Management (Promotions, Supervisory and Managerial roles, etc.)

* Resuscitating/Re-energizing/Refueling performing employers (Performance Management)

* ….and any other specialized trainings that are suited to your need.

Training Process: we will work with a representative to:

* Conduct root cause investigation of the problem

* Analyze and recommend applicable solutions

* Develop customized training materials

* Deliver and assess the training delivered.

The following includes details on our mode of service for training delivery.

Service Process:

* We receive your training order,

* We send you the training outline, and costing where applicable,

* You give us a go ahead, we customize and tailor the training materials,

* We plan and schedule the training delivery with you, 

* You make payments as stipulated in the agreement.

What We Look Out For:

* We pay attention, and work with the details (challenges/issue you want addressed), while creating the training materials and designing the delivery process for your team.

Turn-around/Delivery Time:

* Starting from 7 working days depending on your training order.

Training Duration:

* 60 – 120 minutes Daily/Training or more where applicable

* 1 day/training

Training Venue:

* To be delivered in-house (at your office) or our training venue


* As planned by your organization

Training Materials (Optional): 

* Hard copy (optional + printing cost)

* Jotter

* Writing Pen

* Folder/Paper Bag

Training & Facilitation Fee: 

* Tailored to fit into your budget; so, tell us your budget.

Note: Training Fee is Negotiable.


Call/WhatsApp: 0814 011 9393



Choice Talents NG provided me with employees who understand and know how to add value to an organization.

---> Chinelo U


My employee performance has greatly improved in the last six months, thanks to Choice Talents NG for a good job.

---> Stella N.


The training system and methodology by Choice Talents NG was really impactful and effective on my workforce.

---> Shola A.